Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment



  ERA was honoured when asked by the game creators of Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment to give feedback and provide a review. We were fully aware heading into this that some enthusiasts within the escape room community will struggle with understanding this game isn’t meant to be an escape room. Rather, it is specifically designed to be a party game that people host as an event (much like those popular murder mystery home games from the 1990’s)… The struggle for us wasn’t accepting the unique genre of this game, it was coming to a decision on how to review a game like this! As you can see we’ve modified our scoring criteria to hopefully capture what our reading audience would like to know about this game:

Component Quality: Is the game well made with good quality components and impressive features?

Puzzle Quality: Although it isn’t an escape room, puzzles are still central to the experience. Are the puzzles in this game fun, challenging, interactive, and original?

Immersion: Did we feel immersed, was there an emotional connection to the game, did we feel in character, did the story compel us to know what comes next?

Game Experience: Did this game achieve what people want from a party game? Did it make people interact, did it provide shared laughs, struggles, teamwork, and moments of accomplishment?

So many good questions that could be asked, so let’s forge ahead and give you our impression without any spoilers! Although it seems silly to make mention of this, we really enjoyed the appearance and look of the game box. Our first impression when opening the box was mixed. We weren’t entirely certain what to do, so we just dove into the initial puzzles while bearing with a sometimes awkward learning curve along the way.

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