Escape Rooms are great.

But Great Escape Rooms are even better.

How to make your own Escape Room that will be really great?

Today I am going to share something which will allow you to build  your own Great Escape Room.

101 Best Escape Room puzzle ideas that keep your players excited

Escape Rooms have become one of the fastest-growing entertainment businesses worldwide.

Here is the deal:




Now, there is just one little problem:

Room operators keep the details of their room a secret (obviously). This allows some very low-quality room with nothing more than endless chain of code-lock-code-lock riddles to compete with super fun rooms.

Of course, customers find out about the room only AFTER they have spent their time and money.

I have compiled a list of some Escape Room puzzle ideas to help room owners around the world keeping their players happy.

The key to the success of an Escape Room is keeping the FUN level high. After all, clients come to experience something unexpected.

How many times have you played a room and had to unlock a sequence of padlocks?


Below is a list of 101 Escape Room puzzle ideas that you can easily implement at your Escape Rooms.

Whether you want to improve your current Escape Room, or build a new one – these ideas might help you to win your clients’ hearts and minds.

One more thing:

It makes no sense to just copy them.

You want your Escape Room to be unique, right?

Use the idea as a general guide, a source of inspiration. Use your imagination and creativity.

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