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Lost escape game

This is one of those rare themed room, surrounding the story of us boarding a plane from Kuala Lumpur and crash landed after 3-4 hours of flight to some remote island. We’re not sure what caused the crashed but hey, according to the trailer above, we survived~ so who cares what happened?! So our objective is to get out of our plane since we’re locked in (wonder how safe it is on design of emergency doors, huh?), then locate the black box to find our coordinates, and find a way to reach for help, all within 60 minutes.. before Lost (the drama) happens.

This is our first experience with Break The Code and it is a refreshing twist to the usual: see puzzle, solve puzzle, open lock mechanism. There are the usual locks, but where Break The Code shines is the use of  electrically connected devices and once we entered the code, a magnetic locked box will spring open for the next puzzle/clue.. by which is fun, and makes the whole room more thematic as opposed to turning locks.

We starts out inside a mock up military airplane, made of steel all around.. there’s a cockpit section and the seating section as well, and on the outside, we could see grassland with some fuel tins and crates, all is quite nicely done aesthetically, although not as polished as it’s easy to noticed some flaws that takes us out of the immersed world.

We start out having one of us getting locked inside the cockpit (if this were the case in our world, Germanwings would have another light of day). The puzzles are generally ok and not too hard, although I would very much prefer they stop using those puzzles where there’s no leading clue, just like below and expect players to be not confused that there are more clues needed to solve these. Other puzzles involves pattern matching, some logic puzzles, use of funnels and pipes (which is neat), a real black box (it’s orange colour in case you didn’t know), and a morse code machine~!! (which is very cool)


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Are you getting tired of always going to the same place for date night? Maybe it’s time to experience something new and fun for date night, instead of the same old routine date. After all, that’s what date night is all about right? Breaking free of the routine and spicing things up a little bit? Room To Escape has just what you need for your next unique and unforgettable date night. Here are the top four reasons couples love to play our games:
1. It’s unique.
Sure, you’ve gone on nice dates and all of them have been wonderful, but can you say that you’ve ever been locked in a room and had to do all sorts of fun and brainy things in order to get out?? An escape room isn’t the first idea that is thought of when choosing what to do for date night, but you can bet your behind that it is the best idea! Room To Escape is the absolute perfect place to make a great first impression with your date, as it is super fun and definitely one-of-a-kind. You and your date will be having so much fun, you may even forget that it’s a date! Kiss the awkward silence at dinner goodbye and say hello to a lot more smiles and laughs! Trust us, you and your date will never be able to forget this awesome and unique experience.

2. It builds communication skills and teamwork.

Room To Escape is a great place to build communication and teamwork with your date. If this is your first date, it’s the perfect place to go to break the ice and get to know each other better. Communication is key in relationships, right? So why not start a relationship built around communication and teamwork right from the beginning? Or maybe you’ve been married for 10 years and this date night is ritual for you. Long-term relationships could always use some brushing up in the communication area. The type of problem solving done at Room To Escape can be rewarding and eye-opening for you both. No matter how long you’ve been in your relationship, this could be the perfect type of date night for you. You may be surprised by how well you guys work together as a team, and it may even spark some connections!

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Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment



  ERA was honoured when asked by the game creators of Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment to give feedback and provide a review. We were fully aware heading into this that some enthusiasts within the escape room community will struggle with understanding this game isn’t meant to be an escape room. Rather, it is specifically designed to be a party game that people host as an event (much like those popular murder mystery home games from the 1990’s)… The struggle for us wasn’t accepting the unique genre of this game, it was coming to a decision on how to review a game like this! As you can see we’ve modified our scoring criteria to hopefully capture what our reading audience would like to know about this game:

Component Quality: Is the game well made with good quality components and impressive features?

Puzzle Quality: Although it isn’t an escape room, puzzles are still central to the experience. Are the puzzles in this game fun, challenging, interactive, and original?

Immersion: Did we feel immersed, was there an emotional connection to the game, did we feel in character, did the story compel us to know what comes next?

Game Experience: Did this game achieve what people want from a party game? Did it make people interact, did it provide shared laughs, struggles, teamwork, and moments of accomplishment?

So many good questions that could be asked, so let’s forge ahead and give you our impression without any spoilers! Although it seems silly to make mention of this, we really enjoyed the appearance and look of the game box. Our first impression when opening the box was mixed. We weren’t entirely certain what to do, so we just dove into the initial puzzles while bearing with a sometimes awkward learning curve along the way.

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Aging happens to all of us, and as we continue to go through the natural transitions of life, our brains and mental function continue to change as well. Mental decline is one of the most common concerns associated with getting older, but the good news is that it’s not inevitable; there are several ways to maintain your mental agility and reduce the risk of age-related cognitive impairment. Below are four things you can do now to keep your brain healthy as you age.

  1. Give your brain a workout on a consistent basis.

Mental stimulation is one of the key factors involved in keeping your mind sharp. Basic activities such as reading, doing crossword puzzles or engaging in arts and crafts can do wonders for stimulating new neural connections and building up your brain. For a more robust level of mental engagement, try figuring out various brain teasers, solving puzzles or riddles, playing memory games or other mental exercises that can be found on websites such as BrainHQ, Braingle or SharpBrains.

If you really want to take your mental workout to the next level, round up some friends or family members and go on an escape room experience. In this real-life problem-solving adventure, participants are locked inside of a themed room and then challenged to look for clues, solve riddles and employ critical thinking skills in order to escape the room within a 60-minute time frame. The premier “escape the room” Cincinnati venue is Houdini’s Room Escape, which offers three different escape rooms that will not only provide a thrilling challenge that will stimulate your mind, but will also give you an exhilarating boost of adrenaline as well!




  1. Get regular physical exercise.

When you exercise, new nerve cells are developed and new connections between brain cells (i.e., synapses) are formed, keeping your mind healthy and robust. Not only that, but elevating your heart rate during exercise will carry more oxygen-rich blood to your brain, which aids your cognitive faculties and reduces mental stress. You don’t have to go all-out to get good exercise, either–just 20 minutes on an elliptical trainer three to five times a week will do wonders towards keeping your brain and heart healthier.

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The top 5 room escape games in Moscow

Live escape rooms put you and your friends into an adventure scenario and set you puzzles to get out, using nothing but your mind and items already in the room with you. They are becoming increasingly popular in big cities, and Moscow is now home to some of the best in Europe.
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