Lost escape game

This is one of those rare themed room, surrounding the story of us boarding a plane from Kuala Lumpur and crash landed after 3-4 hours of flight to some remote island. We’re not sure what caused the crashed but hey, according to the trailer above, we survived~ so who cares what happened?! So our objective is to get out of our plane since we’re locked in (wonder how safe it is on design of emergency doors, huh?), then locate the black box to find our coordinates, and find a way to reach for help, all within 60 minutes.. before Lost (the drama) happens.

This is our first experience with Break The Code and it is a refreshing twist to the usual: see puzzle, solve puzzle, open lock mechanism. There are the usual locks, but where Break The Code shines is the use of  electrically connected devices and once we entered the code, a magnetic locked box will spring open for the next puzzle/clue.. by which is fun, and makes the whole room more thematic as opposed to turning locks.

We starts out inside a mock up military airplane, made of steel all around.. there’s a cockpit section and the seating section as well, and on the outside, we could see grassland with some fuel tins and crates, all is quite nicely done aesthetically, although not as polished as it’s easy to noticed some flaws that takes us out of the immersed world.

We start out having one of us getting locked inside the cockpit (if this were the case in our world, Germanwings would have another light of day). The puzzles are generally ok and not too hard, although I would very much prefer they stop using those puzzles where there’s no leading clue, just like below and expect players to be not confused that there are more clues needed to solve these. Other puzzles involves pattern matching, some logic puzzles, use of funnels and pipes (which is neat), a real black box (it’s orange colour in case you didn’t know), and a morse code machine~!! (which is very cool)


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